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We enjoy hearing back from our customers. Here are some reviews, testimonials, and email excerpts:

I've worked with hundreds of gloves over the years and I dare say I've never seen one that impresses me as much as a Carpenter. I was smitten from the second I slipped the Carpenter on my hand; truly a Thoroughbred among mules. Carpenter gloves are, bar none, the most advanced baseball gloves available. A few things stand out: It's really light, the fit is comfortably snug (no pinching or binding), the design is modern but perfect in function, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. Most importantly the ball stays caught. If I could only own one glove for my whole life, this would be my choice.

— quoted from online review by Paul Cunningham,
former Senior Glove Craftsman for a top baseball glove brand
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Going into my 16th season of pro ball, ten of which were as an outfielder, I've been equipped with several types of gloves. Feel is everything and it was August of 2010 when I finally felt equipped and in control on that ball field. Putting a Carpenter glove on literally feels like an extension of my hand-that's how light and good it fits. There's no better feeling than knowing what you’re going to get when you open that box.

—Brian Gordon, New York Pitcher

This is probably the first real innovation since the Wilson A2000 in 1957. The baseball glove has never seen a re-engineering like this before. Not only are the materials better and more practical, but never before has a glove been built specifically for one hand.

— Jason Friedman, writer and moderator of Glove-Works baseball glove forum
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Words cannot describe the craftsmanship that Scott puts into every aspect of a glove! You will not find anything more comfortable. Not to mention, Carpenter gloves outperform any glove I've ever worn, including Rawlings, Nokona, and Wilson! The glove breaks in perfectly every time, creating a magnet -like pocket for the ball to stick. No longer do any thoughts go to my glove, allowing me to focus completely on the game!

- Austin Nicely, Houston organization player

I got my first Carpenter glove and out of the box was blown away. This glove is like a Tesla: sleek and understated but unrivaled in its technology. With all this being said, it would be nothing without the great customer service. Scott is not only a great glove craftsmen but a great guy who really has done everything he can to make the best glove possible. I cannot recommend these gloves enough. This is the future of gloves. Don't get left behind.

— quoted from online review by Tyler Schofield

I have more gloves than I care to admit. I have several Rawlings customs, Wilson A2K, Mizuno, etc. However, I picked up a Carpenter glove three months ago and it is by far the best glove I have ever owned. It is truly a modern enhancement of the baseball glove.

— Brian McAtee, Indiana
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Scott Carpenter used some of the same materials and molding techniques that he uses in my teammate's gloves to innovate an improved thumb guard that I use inside my mitt. It is the most durable, the most comfortable and, by far, the best thumb guard I have ever used.

— Erik Kratz, Kansas City Catcher

Unparalleled craftsmanship. No comparison! @carpentertrade is setting a new standard that others will find difficult to live up to. ... This state of the art glove is PERFECT in every aspect from design to execution & delivery. A fit so supreme it feels like it's a part of your anatomy. Scott is a pure glove genius...

- @GluvLuv on Instagram
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When I tried on my Carpenter glove, it felt like wearing a second skin for my hand. Leather gloves, which I have used my whole life, took time to mold to your palm and break in correctly, but my Carpenter perfectly formed to my hand and was comfortable while I broke it in. It looked great on the mound and stayed light the whole game, even while absorbing sweat. This glove is the beginning of the next generation of gloves and will help anyone's game. America's oldest past time just got an upgrade.

— Johnny Walter, St. Louis organization player

As a lifelong baseball player and as a coach with a part-time glove repair business, I’ve come across countless gloves. My Carpenter is clearly one of my favorites! This glove is unbelievable. It is so well-crafted I can't even really put it into words. The finger/thumb stalls are incredible. It was made to fit my hand, and feels very comfortable. My Carpenter glove spits in the face of a mass produced good. I am really in love with this glove - true American ingenuity.

— Gabe Meiki a.k.a. The Glovedoctor

When I saw four of my teammates using the incredibly light weight Carpenter gloves I immediately wanted to try it. The first time I wore my custom made Carpenter it fit comfortable, caught true, and had impeccable craftsmanship. I know this is the glove I will be wearing every time I take the field.

— Matt German, Philadelphia organization player

Carpenter gloves are by far the lightest, most advanced, and highest quality gloves available on the market. The glove is formed to your hand and feels like an extension of yourself. The incredible light weight allows you to have much better control and consistency of your front side and mechanics. Scott is a true innovator and has created a game changing product.

— Patrick Cooper, Detroit organization player

The first time you put it on you know something special is going on. ... It lives up to the hype. ... You know that one leather glove you own that has molded perfectly to your hand after a couple years of use? That's the feel of a Carpenter, except an even better fit, and right out of the box.

Joe, Colorado - excerpts from an online glove review

Scott, just received the glove in the mail today. All I can say is WOW!!! ... This glove is just out of this world... I've got a great collection of Mizuno, Zett and Kubota Slugger ballgloves all made in Japan. I used to joke that I was a collector of fine leather goods. Looks like now I'm gonna be a collector of synthetics. Thanks for your unbelievable attention to detail.

- James, Illinois - excerpt from an email

Scott Carpenter displays immense passion for designing such advanced and well manufactured gloves. There are so many details on the inside that make this glove different from any other glove out there. It is totally customized to fit your hand and is very comfortable. Your fingers slide into the cushioned inner portion and grasp the inside as if it was already part of your hand. Very cool, comfortable, and durable, which is why I am glad to wear his gloves.

— Mike LaLuna, Detroit organization player

LOVE THE GLOVE! You are a MASTER CRAFTSMAN. It's amazing what an advantage LIGHTNESS is. I have already made flinch-like stabs at balls that I thought I had NO CHANCE AT, and they're in there, SNAGGED! So anyway, I just want you to know that I will be an unpaid salesman for your little company, showing off the new glove.

— Robert, California - excerpt from an email

I love my glove. Reflex stabs at linedrive comebackers to the mound that I'd never catch with my other heavy leather gloves are now becoming commonplace. The ball stays in the pocket like it was a magnet attracting a thumbtack. Carpenter Trade is my favorite glove maker in the world!

— Peter Huang, Singapore

Henri’s friend Paul tried the glove on the other night while we were watching the World Series. He said, “I feel like I’m slipping a Porsche on my hand. Makes my glove feel like an old Chevy or something.”

— Johanna, California