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Pocket Grease Adhesive


Free shipping in the contiguous United States.

Pocket grease adhesive is used the restore the pockets of gloves. It is a sticky-waxy-gooey substance which holds the layers between the outer shell palm and the inner palm lining of any baseball glove. You will want to add some new pocket grease to better adhere these layers in any glove that has been well broken in. Our formula is optimal for restoring gloves because it is made thicker and stronger than other formulas to better prevent puckering in the pocket, staining through the leather, and it will allow a new pocket that can be re-shaped and maintained for a longer period of time.

Our pocket grease adhesive comes in metal containers making it easier to heat up and apply. Detailed instructions are included with each order (don’t worry – it’s easy!).

For a video describing this product and its application click HERE

1 small can = 6 gloves on average = $4.16/glove

2 small cans = 12 gloves on average = $3.50/glove

3 small cans = 18 gloves on average = $3.06/glove

1 large can = 24 gloves on average = $2.71/glove

2 large cans = 48 gloves on average = $2.06/glove


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