Pocket Grease Adhesive

Pocket Grease Adhesive


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Most glove brands have a secret recipe for pocket grease adhesive that they won't sell as a separate item. When you take out the lace and open up a glove you will find a sticky waxy gooey substance holding the layers together between the palms of the lining and the shell of any baseball glove. You will want to add some new pocket grease to better adhere these layers in any glove that has been broken in. The pocket grease adhesive helps to avoid puckering for a smoother and wider pocket. The pocket can then be reshaped and it will hold that new shape longer. Pocket grease adhesive hasn't been available for retail before. Using alternative products to try to approximate this pocket grease will lead to problems, such as bleeding through the shell leaving stains on the exterior of the pocket as well as not properly holding the layers together. This formula resists staining and will work equally well for all brands and all glove materials, leather or microfiber. Our pocket grease adhesive comes in metal containers making it easier to heat up and apply. Each container has more than 1.25 ounces of pocket grease adhesive which is enough to do six gloves on average. Instructions for use are included.

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