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Carpenter gloves are the lightest professional gloves. Lighter is better – it’s that simple. When a bad hop comes your way the only glove feature that assists locating the pocket on the ball is lighter/faster versus heavier/slower. Carpenter gloves have consistently weighed five to ten ounces lighter than any established brand currently used in professional baseball.

For perspective, this 10 ounce difference is equivalent to the weight of two baseballs. Imagine carrying two baseballs attached to the back of your glove as you attempt to quickly readjust to a bad hop with a flash grab. Imagine being a pitcher with a 110 mph line drive coming straight at you and your only hope is that your glove is fast enough to move in front of it. Imagine running 40 yards in the outfield and diving for a snow cone catch. Lighter is better.

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Our materials are stronger and last longer. The man-made microfiber materials, unique to our gloves, have twice the tear strength of leather. Leather fibers will stretch, compress, and break down more rapidly. This is why leather gloves become floppy and end up lying flat without a formed pocket. Man-made microfibers, by contrast, hold their shape longer without compressing. Since we began making gloves in 2001, we have yet to see a Carpenter glove that has gone flat. The greater strength will assist catching line drives and fastballs.

We have always offered to re-lace our gloves free for life. This offer has almost never been requested because of the greater strength and longevity of the nylon lace that we use.


Our custom work is unequaled. When you buy a sneaker you might be given twelve shoe sizes to choose from to approximate the best fit to your foot; but when you choose a baseball glove (other than Carpenter) you are given only two sizes, adult and youth, to approximate the fit of your hand. Conventional glove brands make one-size-fits-all gloves to the largest possible hand size and then expect you to “customize” your fit by tightening a thumb loop to just one side of your thumb. This leads to empty slack space, less grip, and poor leverage. We are the only brand that hand-cuts the pieces of your glove in proportion to your submitted hand measurements for a truly custom tailored fit.

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Our craftsmanship is unrivaled. One example of our superior craftsmanship can be seen in our custom fitted linings which are tailored to every segment of all five of your fingers. Our linings come far up on both sides of the finger channels. The seamless rounded surfaces are tailored to the exact size and length of your fingers with ridges precisely located at your fingertips for better grip, leverage, and performance. We lead the industry with the best ergonomic fit of any brand.