Hi. I’m Scott Carpenter, the proud owner of Carpenter Trade Company. Back in 1999 I was making my own brand of sneakers and was inspired by conversations with a cobbler I knew who was making custom shoes rated to be the best in the world. He taught me the many advantages a craftsman has in making a product better than large corporations can. With my design background, trade skills and love for the game I was confident that I could pioneer a new kind of baseball glove that utilized these advantages.

After going to work at a Rawlings glove factory, and doing extensive research on the evolution of glove design at the Baseball Hall of Fame, I began my business in Cooperstown in 2001. I refined my innovative gloves by the repeated cycle of making, adjusting design, and remaking every part of a glove. After years of this cycle and having made several hundred custom gloves entirely by my own hands I mastered the complexities of glove design and glove craftsmanship in a way only obtainable through this unique experience. The result is by far the lightest glove used professionally, the first completely synthetic glove ever used professionally, and a glove that a growing number consider to be the most innovative and the best in baseball.


This venture began as a labor of love. I’ve never paid players to wear or endorse my gloves and I’ve never done advertising or marketing. With little more than this website and word of mouth this alternative approach has achieved encouraging results. Several pro players have told me they are turning down high-paying glove contracts from top brands because they prefer the advantages my gloves give them. In 2008 the Baseball Hall of Fame voted unanimously to acquire a game-used Carpenter into their storied permanent collection as a new development in gloves. In 2011 they aquired a second Carpenter which was the first synthetic leather glove ever used in a Major League Baseball game.


I'm now excited to expand the business through a partnership. In 2014 we will gradually be expanding production to reach more people.