The time for synthetics in professional baseball gloves has come. Each year more synthetics are being used in Major League gloves. Star players are opting for synthetic backs. Welting, lining, and padding are increasingly transitioning over to synthetics by most brands. The newest synthetics are out-performing leather. Completely synthetic gloves will eventually be an industry standard.

The most advanced synthetics produced today feature greater suppleness, greater strength, reduced weight, “memory retention” allowing a pocket to form, and breathable linings that wick away perspiration and moisture. Carpenter Trade Company has worked closely with the leading manufacturers to develop the most advanced performing materials for baseball gloves today.

Carpenter Trade Company is proud to be the original and exclusive maker of the only high-quality, all-synthetic gloves available anywhere. Our gloves are the only all-synthetic leather gloves ever to be used in professional baseball.

Break-In: Do NOT use any liquids or heat to break in synthetic materials. The best method is to play lots of catch. You can also pound in the pocket using your throwing hand while wearing it, or throw a ball into it, or use the end of a bat like a mallet. The materials will slowly form over time while keeping their strength

Storing: For smaller gloves, put two baseballs into the pocket and web. For bigger gloves, use one softball and one baseball. Close the glove with a rubber band around the middle of the glove.

Cleaning: Clean off dirt using a scrub brush or toothbrush. Use water and, if helpful, a small amount of liquid cleaning agent (like dish cleaner) to wipe the glove clean. Do not drench the glove or allow water to soak into the padding.