Baseball and softball fielder gloves are available. Catcher mitts are in development. Some people come to us with requests for precise custom details while others simply ask for whatever glove we think would be best for them. We recommend including information about how you intend to use the glove, such as: baseball or softball or both, likely field positions, amount of use, preference for soft or stiff, tight or loose, and any other details that you think will help us design your particular glove.

All gloves have an "open back" design made with black material that has a suede-like surface. Below is a list of options to consider.

SIZE The glove pattern size is obtained by measuring from the tip of the first finger and following the curvature of the glove down to the heel edge. The pattern size has more to do with personal preference and field position than to the size of your hand. Fielder gloves are available in sizes 11.5, 12, 12.5, and 13 inches. We also have an outfield-specific model available at 12.75 inches.

POSITION Field position and personal preference will dictate the best glove size for you. Here are some suggestions. Middle infielders often go small (11.5, 12 for baseball / 12, 12.5 for softball). Pitchers and third basemen are somewhere in between (12, 12.5 for baseball / 12.5, 13 for softball). Some outfielders and softball players will prefer our outfield-specific model at 12.75 inches and features a deeper pocket and a two-in-the-pinky grip.

WEB Choose between a closed web shown here, or the single post web shown at the top of the page, or our new double H web (email for photos). The single post and double H webs are lighter, more flexible, and allows more visibility while catching fly balls. The closed web can take more abuse and allows pitchers to hide their hand while adjusting their grip.

EMBROIDERY Choose what you want stitched on the back side of the thumb with computerized embroidery. Most people want their name, but anything is possible, in any color. We suggest using less than 12 letters since more letters will make for smaller type. Choose between a "BLOCK" or "Brush Script". Clearly designate between capital and lowercase letters.

COLORS Black goes with everything! While the glove has to be black you can add your color of choice to the embroidery.

MISCELLANEOUS These are custom gloves. We will do our best to accommodate whatever ideas, suggestions, or preferences you want. We’ve done custom prototype gloves, custom webs, custom embroidery designs, pitchers’ sleeves, two fingers in the pinky grips, and ambidextrous gloves for switch pitchers. If your request adds time on our end, however, it may add cost on your end.