Lighter, stronger, custom gloves.

A baseball glove is the most personal, cherished, and respected piece of sports equipment you may ever own. After it has been broken in conforming to your hand it becomes an extension of yourself and part of your personal history.

Most gloves available today are imported by corporations using similar mass production methods, with similar materials, resulting in similar products. They have a one-size-fits-all philosophy that we don’t share. After you look through this site you will discover a few things about glove making and you will learn why Carpenter gloves are unrivaled in craftsmanship, performance, and customization.

We craft the lightest professional level gloves on the market using stronger materials not found anywhere else. All parts of our custom gloves are cut in proportion to each customer’s individual hand. We are proud to be doing all the things the big companies cannot, and we do it all near the home of baseball: Cooperstown, NY.